Welcome to GAIA Education Services GES

Gaia Education Services (GES) has a mission of service to individuals and learning organisations who seek new understandings and insights that will bring a new attention and a new mode of presence to the earth community. GES seeks to serve by:

  • Inviting people to look more carefully with creativity and imagination to the yearnings of people as they try to make sense of themselves and their world;

  • Cultivating a sense of the sacred to interpret the meaning of our engagement with each other and with the world by offering project support to education communities to help develop participative approaches to educational change that cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and lifelong learning;

  • Offering research support, education and consulting for learners and leaders in schools, universities, government and business;

  • Consulting with HDR students and groups on research design, methodological choices, analysis strategies (qualitative and quantitative), and preparation of theses, papers and reports;

  • Providing HomeStay accommodation for international and Australian  students studying at university or for people just looking for a friendly place to stay seeking some rest and recreation; and

  • Providing respite and retreat centre for HDR students who need to take time out for concentrated writing or data analysis.